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Coast Collection Glass on Glass Octopus Spare Bowl
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Do you want to know more about Bongs & Water Pipes?

When you are looking for a great hits from the bong, the bongs from My-Burn can be your best choice. Often referred to as a water pipe or a glass water bong. However, these beauty products have an additional benefit, which is to filter your smoke through the water to remove harmful toxins that are usually left in the herbs you smoke. Therefore, when the water pipe touches your mouth, every hit from the water bong is extremely cool and pure.

Our high-quality smoke glass bongs and glass water pipes can change your smoking experience and provide you with the coolest and smoothest blows. Discover our top collctions of Mushroom bongs and water pipes, oil pipes, small handy glass pipes and more. Bongs are very suitable for smoking various herbs and smoking mixtures. You can use our big glass bongs at home, or you can use the minified versions on the go. Here at you can even order affordable glass bongs online for less than $70.

You can trust in top quality made, hand-blown glass bongs for sale

When you buy a water bong, it is important not to skimp on quality. Although some users buy simple plastic bongs, and these usually provide only substandard smoking experience. If you end up burning them, they may also be unhealthy. Glass is the best material for making water pipes, glass bongs or any other smoking utensils. It allows you to emit smoke smoothly, while being strong, sturdy and easy to clean.

Many shops sell mass-produced factory-made glass bongs. Although these work normally, they are usually prone to cracking or breaking. Not to mention that the glass water bongs you find in the store often accumulate dust over time.

Types of Bongs

You can find here water pipes and glass bongs of various shapes and sizes to fit every user. So we have variety type of bongs to fit every user own unique smoking style. Our products have a variety of cool motifs and colors. Below are listed out picked categories to fit your needs.

Glass on Glass Water Bongs
Color Changing Bongs
Mushroom motif
Octopus motif
Smoking items under $100
Glass Pipes
Bubblers and Oil Pipes

Provide high-quality water bongs at an affordable price

Water pipes are an essential investment for any smoker-but because so many high-quality glass pipes are very expensive, we know that it is difficult for you to get the quality products you need.
All of our glass bong parts are carefully hand-made, which can support your amazing blow effects. But high quality does not necessarily mean bankruptcy-we have quality products as low as $55. Even our cheapest glass bong is made of high-quality pyrex glass and materials, so it is durable. However, if you want to shine on luxury glass smoke pots, we also have many high-end glass products to choose from. No matter which type of pipe you choose to use, you can get high-quality products at a afordable price-not to mention that you will also get perfect packaged order.

Why order bongs online from My-Burn Glass Bongs and Water Pipes?

Bongs, also known as water pipes, are every smoker's best friend. They can produce pure and strong smoke from your products within a few minutes and make the whole process extremely simple. However, although there are a large number of cheap smoke guns on the market. We at My-burn offer you to buy online only proven and unique handmade high-quality glass bongs for a propper price.
We are keen to provide perfect handmade glass products for all users. All our glass pipes and water pipes are made of high-quality pyrex glass, are durable, so there are many good reasons to buy Bongs online from My-Burn!