Dab Rigs & Oil Pipes

Very popular oil rigs also known as dab rigs or oil pipes. As the word “oil” in the name suggests, these hand-made glass pipes are perfectly suited to their purpose. We specialize in the ideal size with the best result of the taste that will bring the true pleasure.

Thanks to the thickness of the Pyrex glass, these oil pipes are a bit more resistant to impact. Are you often on the go? Sizes are also ideal for traveling.

We produce more types of dab rigs at My-Burn.com. You can choose from traditional shapes to unique collections of oil pipes. Have a look at an unusual Monkfish Oil Pipe or Mushroom Foggy Dream Oil Pipe inspired by the forest.

Thanks to our years of experience in production, we will always deliver a precisely handmade piece of art.

If you need advice when choosing, do not hesitate to contact us.

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New Octopus Bubbler

NEW Design 2019 – oil pipe decorated with UV Octopus…

Red Dwarf Bubbler

Unique My-Burn Glass on Glass Bubbler with pleasantly red shades.

Little Octopus Bubbler

Very nice Octopus Bubbler with colored crush named Blue Moon.

Art Deco Silver Fumed Oil Pipe

This silver fumed dab rig has clean shapes in popular…

Blue Sea Oil Pipe with Glass Nail

Blue waves on the bubble base and mouthtube are decorating…

UV Octopus Oil Pipe Strong

Well fitting into hand Octopus Edition oil pipe with strong…

Burning Cone Oil Rig with Quartz Banger

Oil Pipe in the unconventional shape of the cone with…

Monkfish Oil Pipe incl. Accessory Set

The Monkfish Oil Pipe is unique piece of art made…
$698 $445

Mushroom Foggy Dream Oil Pipe

Our unique product. Each muhroom is connected. While you inhale,…
$948 $748

Monkfish Oil Pipe Replacement Bowl

Genuine My-Burn replacement for the Monkfish oil pipe.

Oil Pipes Accessory Set

Genuine accessory set for your pipe can help you when…

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