Glass Bongs

Only new ways and visions will allow you to try out the unknowable. We in My-Burn are still finding new ways to use premium glass for artistic representation of glass bongs and pipes.

Our way is to bring the smoker a sense of harmony between nature and the universe, interconnected by the high quality of smoking. We are proud to be allowed by these unique pieces of glass art, to spread love and spirit. Each of our bongs is handmade in one of the hearts of glass manufacturing in Europe; in the Czech Republic.

It’s not always easy to find the right bong for your needs. That is why we bring you here only our really proven and quality products. We believe that every smoker will be pleasantly surprised.

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Speckled Octopus Small Bong

The diminished type of our popular Octopus bong fits great…

Palantír Water Pipe

Pyrex glass with fire and hot lava decorations. Comes with…

Speckled Octopus Bong with Precooler

Octopus lives underwater, squid in your hands.

The Toadstool Multifunctional Bong

The Original is only one. Bong with five-times spiralized ice…
$295 $195

X Bong with Precooler and Bowl Set

X bong is really interesting, isn’t it?

Pentagram Percolator Bong with Skull Bowl

This hand made Pyrex glass bong is original gift for…

Green Mushroom Double Percolator Bong

Popular very poisonous mushroom glass bong.

Sweet Edition Glass Water Bong

Silver fumed and 24k gold-plated with nice shapes inside tube…

Fire Edition Bong Bowl with Precooler

A spare bowl and precooler for Fire Edition bongs.

Octopus Glass on Glass Bowl Spare Part

A My-Burn Octopus motive spare part bowl with difuser.

Red Glass on Glass Bowl Spare Part

A My-Burn spare part bowl with difuser with marble.

Palantír Glass on Glass Bowl

A spare bowl with marble for Palantir water pipe.

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