Octopus motif

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Octopus Diver Glass Water Bong

Small, handy bong with nice color changing effect
In stock

Speckled Octopus Small Bong

The diminished type of our popular Octopus bong fits great…
$114 $95
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Speckled Octopus Bong with Precooler

Octopus lives underwater, squid in your hands.
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Octopus Diver Glass Oil Pipe

For dual use, oil insert and bowl included.
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New Octopus Bubbler with Oil Pipe and Normal Bowl

NEW Design 2019 – oil pipe decorated with UV Octopus…
Out of stock

Octopus Oil Set Banger

Smoking set with beautiful octopus details.
$109 $85
In stock

Little Octopus Bubbler

Very nice Octopus Bubbler with colored crush named Blue Moon.
$129 $65
In stock

UV Octopus Oil Pipe Strong with Oil Pipe and Normal Bowl

Well fitting into hand Octopus Edition oil pipe with strong…
Out of stock

Standing Octopus Glass Pipe

A beautiful glass pipe that will stare at you with…
In stock

Steamroller Octopus Glass Pipe

Unique 24 kt gold plated, in every detail made glass…
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Sweed Orange Pipe Octopus

24k Gold plated pipe with color changing effect.
$55 $37
In stock

Glass Water Bong Octopus Spare Bowl

A spare part bowl for our small glass water bongs
In stock

Octopus Motive Spare Part Bowl

A My-Burn Octopus Motive Spare Part Bowl
$25 $18
In stock

Octopus Diver Glass Water Bong Spare Bowl

Spare part bowl for Octopus Diver Glass Water Bong.
In stock

Octopus Spare Bowl

Coast Collection Glass on Glass Octopus Spare Bowl
In stock

Octopus Treasure Jar

75ml container for preserving aroma, taste and intensity.
$27 $22
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