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Steamroller Frog Glass Pipe


Artistically and in detail processed

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Description Steamroller Frog Glass Pipe

Artistically and in detail processed smokers glass pipe.

Fine, detailed and unique handmade glass pipe for smokers. We painted the ends with a beautiful color called Blue Moon. The kettle is 24 kt gold plated. The frog is trying to grab the crunch.

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0.56 oz / 16 g


4.3 inch / 11 cm

2 reviews for Steamroller Frog Glass Pipe

  1. B. Amaral (verified owner)

    5 Stars for this steamroller, very well made, beautiful piece of work. My Burn team, stands out for quality, beautiful art work. I would highly recommend this seller. My product arrived in perfect condition.

  2. B. Amaral (verified owner)

    Thanks My Burn Team, this piece is not only beautiful, the glass well made. So cute. Nice smooth , no chocking. Nice detail. There’s a lot of glass out there, this glass steamroller, nice artwork. Imformed about my product, arrived well protected & ready to go. I would highly recommend, My free gifts, where perfect!!! Totally unexpected to get such nice gifts. Thank you, will definitely be a returning customer. ☆☆☆☆☆

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