Red Mushroom Bong with Carb


Red Mushroom Bongs collection has been expanded.

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Description Red Mushroom Bong with Carb

We present you the Red Mushroom Bong with Carb. This bong belongs to the Red Mushroom Collection.

This bong includes a turbo carb to reduce or to gain amount of the inhaled smoke.

1.57 in / 40 mm Tube

Ideal thickness of glass and tube.

Ice holder? Sure

Use the cooling system and use ice.

Mushroom as a Carb

You can influence the amount of smoke.



The Red Mushroom Bong with Carb is made of well-known Pyrex glass. Squid heads fit well into the hand. Bong comes with removable precooler which makes the taste more delightfull. It is based on the most popular Speckled Octopus Bong with Precooler.

Where My-Burn Glass Bongs are made?

Country of origin is located in the heart of Europe. Czech Republic is also known as one of famous glass producers all around the world. Our glassmasters are proud to be part of our company. And we are proud of them.

This Glass Bong with Tubro Carb is unique.

Every our product is an original piece of art. We produce glass water bongs, bubblers, oil pipes and other glass accessories for smokers for over 20 years.


Have a look at our short video here:

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Additional information


11.8 inch / 30 cm


14.46 oz / 410 g

Glass Thickness

1.25 inch / 3,2 mm

Tube Diameter

1.57 inch / 40 mm

Joint Type

Glass on Glass

Joint Size

0,75 inch / 18,8 mm

Ice Holder








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