Golden Artefact Glass Bong


Real master piece made by our best glassblower.

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Description Golden Artefact Glass Bong

Real master piece! The Golden Artefact Glass Bong is made by our best glassblower. Is made from highest-quality glass. This 24k gold-plated glass bong is very durable, and looks really impressive. You can be sure that everyone will like not only how it looks, but also how it fits into your hand.

Where was the Golden Artefact Glass Bong made?

Country of origin is located in the heart of Europe. Czech Republic is also known as one of famous glass producers all around the world. Our glassmasters are proud to be part of our company. And we are proud of them.

This golden treasure is an original.

Every our product is an original piece of art. We produce water bongs, bubblers, oil pipes and other glass accessories for smokers for over 20 years.


Have a look at our short video:


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Additional information


16.54 inch / 42 cm


32.63 oz / 925 g

Glass Thickness

0.20 inch / 5 mm

Tube Diameter

1.97 inch / 50 mm

Joint Type

Glass on Glass

Joint Size

0,75 inch / 18,8 mm







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