Monkfish Oil Pipe incl. Accessory Set


The Monkfish Oil Pipe is unique piece of art made from Pyrex glass. Glowing under the UV. Shipped with common accessory set for My-Burn Oil pipes and dab rigs which will greatly expand the possibilities of this pipe.

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Description Monkfish Oil Pipe incl. Accessory Set

Monkfish Oil Pipe (Lophius piscatorius) is our popular pipe. We can tell, that this is a unique piece of art. Made from quality Pyrex glass. Monkfish dab rig glows under the UV lamp. This oil pipe is inspired by the living Monkfish, and has large head with wide mouth and pointed teeth which are prone inwards. Did you see the big really stoned eyes?

With this oil pipe you will receive a free gift – Oil Pipes Accessory Set

If you loose or accidentally crash your monkfish bowl do not despair, you can buy Replacement Bowl.

With glass oil pipes, also known as dab rig you will feel the taste and experience a wonderful feeling.

Where My-Burn oil pipes are made?

Country of origin is located in the heart of Europe. Czech Republic, with the capital city Prague, is also known as one of famous glass producers region all around the world. Our glassmasters are proud to be part of our company. And we are proud of them.

Monkfish Oil Pipe is an original.

Our products are an original piece of art. We produce water bongs, bubblers, dab rigs and oil pipes also other glass accessories for smokers for over 20 years.


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