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Frog Diver Glass Oil Pipe


For dual use, oil insert and bowl included.

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Description Frog Diver Glass Oil Pipe

Brand new Fall/Winter 2019 design from Coast Collection. Hand made Frog Diver Glass Oil Pipe. Glass is silver fumed for nice color changing effect.

Alternatively you can replace the oil insert with the classic bowl included in this package.

Additional information


7.480 inch / 19 cm


7.93 oz / 225 gr

Glass Thickness

0.09 inch / 2,5 mm

Tube Diameter

0.94 inch / 24 mm

Joint Type

Glass on Glass

Joint Size

0.57 inch / 14,5 mm





1 review for Frog Diver Glass Oil Pipe

  1. Chevy (verified owner)

    This is such a cute and decorative bong! Amazing quality and super portable, and I love how it has two uses and comes with so many extra pieces. It’s also so pretty to display when it’s not in use.

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